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Beauty & Wellbeing

TensCare: Beauty and Wellness Solutions

TensCare offers a range of innovative products designed to enhance your beauty routine and promote overall well-being. Discover effective solutions for:

  • Radiant Skin: Explore the Glomask for deep cleansing and the NailIt for professional nail care at home.
  • Relaxation and Rejuvenation: Unwind with the OKO Eye Massager to soothe tired eyes and promote relaxation.
  • Improved Sleep: Experience deeper, more restful sleep with the Somnus sleep therapy device.
  • Pain Relief and Targeted Treatment: TensCare’s Uniglo and Uniwand combination provides targeted pain relief and muscle stimulation for various areas of the body.

TensCare empowers you to take control of your beauty and wellness journey, offering effective solutions for a healthier, more radiant you.

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  • TensCare Glomask

    Glomask Salon-Grade LED Light Therapy Mask for At-Home Skin Rejuvenation

    $203.35 - $245.00
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  • TensCare Nailit Laser for Stronger & Healthier Nails (Fungal Nail Treatment)

    Nailit Laser Therapy for Fungal Nails – Painless Safe & Effective

    $165.17 - $199.00
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  • TensCare Oko Eye Massager

    OKO Eye Massager with Air Pressure Vibration & Heat for Relief Relaxation & Improved Sleep

    $173.47 - $209.00
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  • TensCare Somnus Sleep Aid Device

    Somnus Sleep Therapy Fall Asleep Faster & Sleep Sounder

    $331.17 - $399.00
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  • TensCare Uniglo emsculpt & Microcurrent: Wrinkle Reduction & Muscle Toning

    Uniglo & Uniwand & Unigel Combo Achieve Natural Facelift & Muscle Toning

    $206.67 - $249.00
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