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TensCare: Recover and Rejuvenate with Advanced Rehabilitation Solutions

TensCare offers a comprehensive range of innovative products designed to support your rehabilitation journey. Whether recovering from an injury, managing chronic pain, or aiming to improve muscle function, TensCare empowers you to achieve your rehabilitation goals:

  • Muscle Stimulation & Strengthening:
    • Perfect EMS: This user-friendly EMS unit provides targeted muscle stimulation to promote muscle growth, improve strength, and accelerate rehabilitation.
  • Enhanced Recovery & Pain Relief:
    • Form: This innovative device utilizes pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation, promoting faster recovery and pain management during rehabilitation.
  • Multi-Therapy System:
    • Unipro: This all-in-one device combines TENS, EMS, microcurrent, and interferential stimulation for comprehensive pain relief, muscle rehabilitation, and improved healing.
  • Targeted Muscle Activation:
    • Unifit: A versatile TENS and EMS unit that allows for targeted muscle activation and pain relief, ideal for various rehabilitation needs.
  • Shockwave Therapy (Consult Physician):
    • **Shockwave (Disclaimer: Always consult with a physician before using TensCare Shockwave Therapy products): This advanced technology utilizes targeted shockwaves to promote tissue healing and pain relief, potentially accelerating rehabilitation for specific conditions (Note: Consult with a physician before using TensCare Shockwave Therapy products).

TensCare’s rehabilitation solutions provide a safe and effective approach to managing pain, improving muscle function, and accelerating your recovery journey.

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  • Form Active Recovery System: EMS Device for Muscle Recovery (preset Programs

    Form Active Muscle Recovery Faster Recovery

    $140.27 - $169.00
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  • TensCare Perfect EMS: Dual-Channel EMS Unit for Muscle Toning

    Perfect EMS Muscle Stimulator for Toning Building & Pain Relief

    $98.77 - $119.00
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  • TensCare Shockwave Therapy Machine: Professional-Use ESWT Device for Musculoskeletal Treatment (Clinics

    TensCare ESWT Machine Professional Shockwave Therapy

    $13,246.80 - $15,960.00
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  • TensCare Unifit: All-in-One TENS

    Unifit TENS EMS Fitness Recovery and Pain Relief

    $214.97 - $259.00
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  • TensCare Unipro: Multi-Therapy Device for Pain Relief

    Unipro TENS EMS IFT Microcurrent – Physiotherapy Device for Pain Relief Muscle Strengthening & Rehabilitation

    $327.85 - $395.00
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