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Sloth Clock Fun Learning for Day & Night Routines

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Product Description

The TensCare Sloth Clock is an animal designed soft silicone clock to help babies and young children learn all about time and day and night cycles. nnWith a digital clock, you can start to teach your kids the value of time and what is day and what is night.nnFurthermore, with a warm yellow and soft blue nightlight, this can help show day and night as well as being a reassuring and comforting nightlight, for your little one. It also comes equipped with an alarm which helps to wake your child at specific times, potentially training the inner body clock, if you so choose.nnThe interface comes in 3 modes – sloth face and clock; just sloth face; just clock, to give you a customisable unit to choose based on what your child likes.nnFinally, it is easily charged with USB power. Meaning you can take it anywhere, allowing you to maintain any routines you may have and continually teach your children time

Key Features

  • DAY AND NIGHT: The sloth clock comes with a handy back lit screen that changes colour dependent on the time of day. A warm yellow for during the day and a soft blue for night. This helps teach your child easily the different times of day. Enabling them to understand when they should be asleep and when they should be awake.
  • NIGHTLIGHT: the soft blue of an evening can also act as a night light, for comfort and reassurance. It is adjustable for you and your child’s convenience but further helps if the child awakes for any reason and reassures them of their surroundings.
  • AUDIBLE ALARM: The sloth clock also comes with an alarm that helps tech a child at which time they wake up, if you so choose to do so. Enabling you to easily set a certain time and help train your childs internal body clock.
  • DIGITAL CLOCK: The Sloth clock also helps teach time, in a digital format. Meaning with the soft coloured lights. You’re child will learn to tell the time and what that time means in relative terms of sleeping.
  • PORTABLE: The Sloth Clock is a light weight and silicone covered clock, with a rechargable battery. Allowing you to easily take on your travels with little fear of damaging the clock. Making it ideal to help keep your childs sleep schedule, no matter where in the world you are

What's Included

  • 1 x Sloth Clock


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