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Ova+ Wearable Pain Relief All-Day Comfort

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Product Description

The TensCare Ova + uses clinically proven TENS technology to instantly and effectively relieve pain caused by periods and other pelvic pain conditions such as endometriosis, meaning you can get on with your day and get back to doing what you love.nnOva + is small and compact, making it comfortable to wear while performing day-to-day activities and able to be worn under clothes without being seen. Ova + provides easy, drug-free period pain relief all day long. No tolerance is built to pain relief stays effective, and you can even wear it while you sleep. nnThe period pain relief offered by Ova + stretches beyond the regular menstrual cramps. It effectively provides pain relief from secondary period pains that are caused by health conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids or pelvic inflammatory disease.nnOur drug-free period pain relief TENS unit is scientifically proven to provide safe and effective drug-free pain relief and is approved for use in the UK and worldwide by the NHS, EU and FDA. nnDitch the ibuprofen and try a safer, more effective and more eco friendly alternative today.

Key Features

  • Safe and natural relief from period pain
  • Clinically proven, simple to use and highly effective
  • Small, lightweight and convenient with belt clip
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Can also be used for pelvic pain, endometriosis and general pain relief

What's Included

  • 1 x Ova + unit
  • 1 x Pack of 2 50x90mm self-adhesive electrodes
  • 1 x USB charging cable (X-OVAUSB)
  • 1 x Lead wires (L-OVAPLUS)
  • 1 x Belt clip
  • 1 x User guide
  • 1 x Storage pouch


  • Do NOT Use if you have a pacemaker (or you have a heart rhythm problem) or with any electronic medical devices. Using this unit with electronic medical devices may cause erroneous operation of the device. Stimulation in the direct vicinity of an implanted device may affect some models. Stimulation on the front of the neck can affect your heart rate. Very strong stimulation across the chest may cause an extra heartbeat.
  • Do NOT Use if you are or may be pregnant; or in the first 6-8 weeks after childbirth. It is not known whether TENS may affect foetal development.
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