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Pain Relief

TensCare: Take Control of Your Pain Relief Journey

TensCare offers a range of drug-free pain management solutions designed to empower you to manage and alleviate pain effectively. Discover the right tool for your needs:

  • Chronic Pain Relief:
    • Mynd: This advanced TENS unit features multiple programs and customization options to target various chronic pain conditions.
  • Targeted Pain Relief:
    • Perfect TENS & TensOne: These user-friendly TENS units provide effective pain relief for muscle aches, strains, and stiffness.
  • Period Pain Relief:
    • Ova Plus: Utilizes TENS technology to deliver drug-free relief from menstrual cramps and discomfort.
  • Heat Therapy:
    • Ova Therma Heat Belt: Provides soothing warmth to relax muscles and ease period pain.

TensCare’s pain relief solutions offer a safe and effective alternative to medication, allowing you to manage your pain and regain control of your daily life.

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  • TensCare Mynd: Rechargeable Headband for Drug-Free Migraine Relief (TENS Therapy

    Mynd TENS Therapy Clinically Proven Migraine Relief

    $165.17 - $199.00
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  • TensCare Ova Therma Belt: Rechargeable Heat & Massage Belt for Period Pain Relief (Drug-Free

    Ova Therma Heat Belt Period Pain Relief On-the-Go

    $82.17 - $99.00
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  • TensCare Ova+: Discreet TENS Unit for Drug-Free Period & Pelvic Pain Relief (Endometriosis

    Ova+ Wearable Pain Relief All-Day Comfort

    $103.75 - $125.00
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  • TensCare Perfect TENS: Drug-Free Pain Relief Unit for Various Conditions (Arthritis

    Perfect TENS 8 Pain Programs in 1 Device

    $90.47 - $109.00
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  • Tend Deep Muscle & Pain Therapy

    $248.17 - $299.00
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  • Tend Focus Spot Targeted Muscle Relief

    $248.17 - $299.00
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  • TensCare TENS One: Digital TENS Unit for Drug-Free Pain Relief (Arthritis

    TensOne Easy-Use TENS Pain Relief

    $73.87 - $89.00
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