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Fleur Toning Balls Strengthen Pelvic Floor Improve Intimacy

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Product Description

Fleur is a set of pelvic floor toning balls that are designed to improve management of continence issues by strengthening pelvic floor muscles. You can either combine them with a Kegel exercise routine for the active use or simply wear them maximum 1 hour a day while carrying on with your daily routine.nnEither way, the pelvic floor toning balls will be forcing your inner muscles to contract, gradually strengthening them and allowing you to regain control of them. As an addition, usage of pelvic floor toning balls will improve your sexual wellbeing.nnStrong pelvic floor muscles can greatly improve your sexual arousal, your sexual response, the level of sensation you feel during intercourse, and your ability to reach an orgasm. Fleur is formed of two balls connected by a cord. You will need to gently introduce the spheres one after the other.nnHowever, keep in mind that using the toning balls for too long (hours rather than tens of minutes) can produce the opposite of the desired effect, which is a depletion of the pelvic floor muscles, or even hypertonia.

Key Features

  • Sleek, compact design
  • Can be used either actively or while laying or sitting
  • Safe and effective for daily wear
  • Moving while Fleur is in use helps you to identify the pelvic muscles and how to tense them
  • Improves sexual sensation and wellbeing

What's Included

  • 1 x Fleur, Pelvic floor toning balls
  • 1 x Go Gel, water-based lubricant (K-GO50)
  • 1 x Storage box
  • 1 x Instruction manual


  • If You use Fleur to rebuild the pelvic floor muscles strength after childbirth, it is recommended to wait 6 weeks from postpartum and 8 weeks from episiotomy.
  • May Not be suitable for use with a genital prolapse, since the prolapsed organs may prevent the weight or ball from being positioned correctly.
  • Not Suitable for use in children.
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