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ITouch Sure 2 for Bladder Control Pelvic Floor Strengthener

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Product Description

INCONTINENCE TREATMENT: The iTouch Sure helps treat: Stress, Urge and Mixed incontinence with 4 easy programmes; including a tone programme for after care to avoid the return of bladder leakage or incontinence; helping to achieve pelvic floor strength.nnCOMFORTABLE STIMULATION: the iTouch Sure increases in small increments of 0.5mA of intensity. Meaning that you will not experience any sudden jumps in intensity and it also gives you greater choice of intensity – to find a level that works best for you.nnSAFETY: TensCare puts your safety at the forefront of any product. That is why the iTouch Sure comes with a built in safety system. Should it detect a loss of connection between skin and probe, the machine will reset to 0 and flash. this is to avoid any nasty shocks allowing for you to complete the exercises with confidence.nnTREATMENT TIMERS: The unit defaults to 20 minute sessions. Meaning you can sit back and relax and allow the unit to do all the work. once the 20 minute Kegel exercisers have been completed, the unit will turn off. Furthermore, you are able to change the timer of of programmes to: 0, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes – giving you plenty of choice.nnDISCREET: the device is silent, so no one will know it is being used and you can use it in comfort. The unit also comes with a travel bag that shows no sign of what’s within – so you can transport it wherever you may need it.nnAre you ready to say goodbye to the embarrassing bladder leaks that stop you enjoying life? Because iTouch Sure is here to provide excellent assistance in incontinence management. This is a drug-free and safe solution to give you the control that you deserve.nnBladder weakness is not a normal part of the aging process, nor should it be simply accepted as a normal part of life after childbirth. Bladder weakness is a treatable condition and shouldn’t simply be ‘managed’ through the use of containment pads. But it is also not something to be ashamed of.nnOur iTouch Sure device trains your pelvic floor muscles which are responsible for continence management. It sends a gentle stimulation (similar to your natural nerve impulses) direct to your pelvic floor muscles through a vaginal probe to make your pelvic floor muscles contract. If you have forgotten how to contract them, are having trouble getting muscle response, or simply want to bring back the condition of your pelvic floor muscles, the iTouch Sure can work them for you to build up their strength and help you to develop your own muscle control. It perfectly complements pelvic floor exercises and is great for new mums. nniTouch Sure has 4 preset treatment programmes, clinically tested to improve continence management and provide a long-term relief from leaks, as well as improving sexual sensation. nnAdditionally, the iTouch Sure can be used with an anal probe for the treatment of both urinary and faecal incontinence in men, as well as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Key Features

  • One touch memory function to easily access the last programme and setting used
  • Easy-to-use, modern, backlit screen for clearer visibility
  • 3 preset programmes for stress,
  • urge, mixed incontinence and a preset tone aftercare programme
  • Gentle, comfortable stimulation with fine-tune adjustment settings for different levels of intensity
  • Easily replaceable AA alkaline batteries
  • Safety duration override unit will turn off after 20 minutes to ensure the pelvic floor muscle is not overworked
  • Comes with a specifically designed probe for ease of use

What's Included

  • 1 x iTouch Sure Pelvic Floor Exerciser
  • 1 x Lead wire (L-IT1-NEW)
  • 2 x AA 1.5V alkaline batteries
  • 1 x Storage pouch
  • 1 x Instruction manual


  • Do NOT Use if you are or may be pregnant. It is not known whether TENS may affect foetal development.
  • Do NOT Use with optional electrode pads if you have a pacemaker (or if you have a heart rhythm problem) or with any electronic medical devices.
  • Using This unit with electronic medical devices may cause erroneous operation of the device.
  • Stimulation In the direct vicinity of an implanted device may affect some models.
  • Do NOT Use in the first 6 weeks following a pelvic surgery or vaginal childbirth. Stimulation may disrupt the healing process.
  • Do NOT Use if you have symptoms of active urinary tract infection, vaginal infections, or localized lesions. Introducing the probe may irritate sensitive tissue.
  • Do NOT Use if you have poor sensation in the pelvic region. You may not be able to control the intensity of stimulation safely.
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