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FORM Large Hydrogels Pack Of 3 Pairs For Use With Form

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Product Description

Hydrogels must be applied correctly to the electrodes for the device to work correctly. Improper application can result in uneven or ineffective stimulation.nnBEFORE YOUR SESSIONnnIt is essential to clean your skin before use.nSelect the hydrogel and smart electrode for the targeted muscle.nRemove the hydrogels from the foil bag.nRemove the black liners labelled 1 from one of the hydrogels and apply to the rear of the electrodes.nRemove the clear liners labelled 2 from the electrodes. Be careful to ensure the hydrogels remain stuck to the electrode.n nnNote: Please take care when removing liners from the hydrogels to ensure the gel does not get damaged.nn nnPlace the clear liner in the travel case. The black liner can be disposed of.nPlace the smart electrode on the targeted muscle (see electrode placement guide).n nnDo not ignore any allergic reaction to the hydrogels: If a skin irritation develops stop using Form. A small number of users may have an adverse reaction to the gel.nnDo not place hydrogels on skin which does not have normal sensation or on broken skin.nnAFTER YOUR SESSIONnnThe stimulator will turn off automatically when the session is complete.nRemove the stimulator from the electrode.nRemove the electrode from the body by peeling by the outer edges.nRe-apply the clear plastic liner onto the hydrogels and store the electrodes and the stimulator in the travel case. Proper storage between uses will help maximise the life of the gel.nAdvice:nnThe hydrogels are reusable and should provide 10-20 applications per gel. However, this will vary depending on the user’s skin condition and how the hydrogels are stored between use. Try to limit the amount of time the gels are exposed to the air.nReplace the hydrogels when they lose their stickiness. Poor connection to the body may cause ineffective treatment, discomfort and skin irritation.nThe hydrogels supplied are for single patient use. The adhesive is a peel able hydrogel (water based).

Key Features

    What's Included

    • 3 x Pairs of Large hydrogel replacement pads
    • 1 x Manual


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